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I am carrying many pictures inside of me, which are still changing as in general my photography is. I keep looking for new solutions and trying to realise each new idea I find. Apart from digital photography I use some old-fashioned equipment. I like photographical experiments. I avoid easy paths. I prefer to take a roundabout way instead of going straight. Just around the corner new worlds might emerge and I love to discover. That’s why I travel a lot. Especially to warm places where a simple smile is everything you need to communicate. I make rituals of everyday small things. I grow green coriander in a flowerpot on my windowsill. I like eating warm bread with butter.


One picture is worth more than thousand words.

For me business photography is more than just photo-shooting of few anonymous people in an office. These are rather portraits of a team and individuals or a reportage of an important company event. There are also pictures of interiors which show public spaces or help architects building their portfolios. Due to the variety of demands and expectations, it is difficult to prepare a universal offer, so I always draw up a unique, customized offer for each client separately considering the individual needs.

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